"Organizations change...
As leaders transform themselves."
Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings

Two stories are competing for the future...
Leaders decide which story wins.
"Powerpoints don't sell change...
Leaders sell change"
Dave Jennings
Dave Jennings
"The person you become as a leader...
Is as important as what you achieve."
Dave Jennings
"You create the future you make time for."


We accelerate leadership results. Whether you are stepping up the ladder, implementing a change, developing a team, or building a strategy, we help you get results faster. From Fortune 500s to mid-sized firms, associations to government, we accelerate success.



Whether you need system-wide change, a retreat, or a coach...



We provide high-impact content that your people will apply on the job.

Results-based Training

Our focus is on getting results on the job. It's all about transfer of learning.

   Dave's coaching saved Intel $12M in one conversation.

Which Obstacles Are You Experiencing?

  • Developing Talent Fast Enough

    Developing talent is both a mindset and a skill set issue. Start with Accelerators #2, #4, and #5.
  • Innovating and Achieving Buy-in to change

    Changes occur when you create a reason to leave where you are, a place to go, and a path to get there. Start with Accelerators #1, #3, and #6.
  • Nudging (pushing) people out of Comfort Zone

    People created their current comfort zone through lots of practice. It has been their source of success. Nudge people forward by starting with Accelerator #4.
  • Managing Change Fatigue

    People need to know where they are going and that they really matter. Start with Accelerators #1, #4, and #10.
  • Dealing with Egos and Performance Problems

    Change your response to these situations. Start with Accelerators #3 and #6.
  • Moving from Strategy to Execution

    Strategies have value when they are implemented. Start with Accelerators #1, #3, and #9.
  • Creating Accountabilty

    Start with Accelerator #2. It's the foundation for Accountability.

We give leaders the skillset and mindset to deliver results faster.

We have helped leaders from: Salesforce.com | Hewlett-Packard | Intel | Microsoft | ExxonMobil | Deloitte | Xerox | and many more

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