"Organizations change...
As leaders transform themselves."
Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings

Two stories are competing for the future...
Leaders decide which story wins.
"Powerpoints don't sell change...
Leaders sell change"
Dave Jennings
Dave Jennings
"The person you become as a leader...
Is as important as what you achieve."
Dave Jennings
"You create the future you make time for."


Dave connects with leaders' heads and hearts. He provides high-value keynotes that accelerate leaders' ability to create meaningful change. The insights and tools can be applied immediately and in the years to come.

Dave provides an interactive experience and does not rely on Powerpoint. Sure, he may use a few slides but his focus is the needs of the audience. He watches and responds to their changing needs as he weaves his message. Oh, and of course, he is engaging, fun, and humorous.

     “Congratulations on being rated the #1 presenter.”
      Bruce Willson, Microsoft, High-Potential Leader Program Manager

And, Dave is unflappable. Changes in the agenda, last minute adjustments, or having the power go out won't affect his ability to reach the audience. Working with Dave is easy. His focus is your event's success.

  • Pit of Success

Navigating the Pit of Success: How to Adapt, Succeed, and Repeat

Based on the #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller, The Pit of Success gives you the mindset and skills to continually succeed at challenges beyond your experience. You are not in your job because you have all the answers. You are in your job because you have what it takes to find answers. Embracing the Pit of Success gives you the ability to succeed faster and with more confidence.

"You Nailed It! Our sales people loved it and they are still talking about it months later. We want to have you back.”

Frank Maylett, Attask (Workfront), Senior Vice-President of Sales

Accelerating Leaders:

How Great Leaders Succeed Beyond Their Experience

Looking to help your leaders embrace changes, take on new skills, or step up to the next level of leadership. Dave will give your leaders a mindset that will create positive change in their lives and at the company. He combines his expertise in business and performance psychology to unleash your leaders potential.

Dave reminds leaders they are not a leader because they have all the answers. They are leaders because they have what it takes to find answers. Dave helps them find answers and success sooner.

Dave makes it normal to not know everything. He takes the pressure off leaders so they can focus on what matters most in their specific job and grow faster.

Benefits to leaders: More confidence, more learning agility, more innovation, and more results

“Great concepts and framework for work and life. The leadership learning curve that Dave Jennings shares creates a big impact!”

Chris D.,The Walt Disney Company, HR Business Partner

Accelerating Change:

How Leaders Create The Future

The need to change has increased but people's willingness to change is down. With so many changes, many people take a "wait it out" mindset in hopes that it will all just go a away. While leaders are seeing the absolute need to change, so many people just see more work and hassle.

Leaders must help their people let go of the current story about change and embrace a new story about the future. Until a leader can tip the balance in people's minds there is no change.

Fortunately, there are known actions leaders can take to get the buy-in they need. Dave combines the research of organization change, personal resilience, and brain science to make change easier.

Benefits to leaders and their teams: Less fear of change, Increased Influence, Accelerated skill development, less change fatigue, and more positive results from change.

"Who you become from being a leader is as important as what you do as a leader."

Excerpt from Catapulted: How Leaders Succeed Beyond Their Experience by Dave Jennings

Accelerating Communications:

How Leaders Show Up, Build Relationships, and Deliver Results

How you "Show Up" as a leader influences everything you achieve. And as much as we try to ignore it, so much of leadership success comes back to communication.

It’s the small and big things you do that determine results. Who you spend time with, what you talk about, and how you talk it all send messages that tell people if they should follow you. The way you create connection or distance each day affects your ability to build relationships, increase discretionary effort, and develop influence.

Your ability to connect, clarify expectations, really listen, provide feedback, receive feedback, make apologies, and express appreciation contribute to a more productive environment. Dave provides insights on all these essentials and provides his Million Dollar Feedback Formula, a proven way to change relationships and enhance skills.

Dave transforms the way you look at yourself and gives you powerful options to respond more effectively to the world around you.

“Excellent… This is one of the most powerful communications and influence products on the market.”

Evan B., Intel, Strategy Program Manager

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