"Organizations change...
As leaders transform themselves."
Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings

Two stories are competing for the future...
Leaders decide which story wins.
"Powerpoints don't sell change...
Leaders sell change"
Dave Jennings
Dave Jennings
"The person you become as a leader...
Is as important as what you achieve."
Dave Jennings
"You create the future you make time for."


We provide a leadership system that gives leaders the framework, tools, and mindset to step up. Whether you need a customized or an “off-the-shelf” program, we make sure that it delivers results.

We have developed large-scale global leadership programs that are delivered in 10 countries and facilitated with a team of internal and external facilitators. And, we have developed small group events that are instructed only one time.

At Microsoft, our customized High-Potential Leader program was recognized for being the highest rated program among many other programs. The Leadership Lab program we developed for Executive Forum is repeatedly called “The Best” by clients from a broad array of industries and levels.

We listen to your needs better than anyone else and align you with a program that exceeds expectations.

Our clients continue to say, "The best I have ever attended." It's a lot to live up to.

Topics include: Leadership | Strategy | Change | Innovation | Resilience | Communication
  • Pit of Success
  • Pit of Success

Exceptional Performer Workshop

Give all your teams the ability to take on demanding situations and be more resilient. Based on The Pit of Success, this program increases individuals ability to learn faster and achieve more results.

Your brain has the ability to rewire and develop new skills for any situation. This program gives you the ability to embracce the pit, focus on the right things at the right time, increase you problem solving abilities, and increase your energy so you can face tough situations and come out on top.

Exceptional Leader Workshop

This proven-program delivers an integrated framework that leaders can use and re-use throughout their career. Building on the principles of the Pit of Success, Exceptional Leadership gives leaders the confidence, skills and mindset to step up in their results.

Leaders gain expertise in:
-Setting Direction
-Building Credibility
-Motivating and Managing up, side, and down
-Creating Accountability
-Developing Talent

This program is typically one day a week for four weeks. Participants are held accountable each week to apply the tools. This process really delivers tangible results! You can customize this program with company speakers and internal modules.

"The Exceptional Leader Program really delivers results. Our leaders apply it and they love going to the workshop.”
Jayne Hart, Myriad Genetics
Vice President Human Resources

Leading Change

Leading change has been successfully taught around the world. This program bridges the gap between the logic of change and the emotion of change. Leaders gain a framework and multiple tools to achieve buy-in and sustain change.

Outcomes include:
-Building a case for change
-Creating an inclusive team and plan
-Implementing the change
-Sustaining the change

Leading change can be taught as a half day, one day, or two day program. Can be customized for individual teams and cross-functional groups.

How Leaders Communicate For Results

How you "Show Up" as a leader influences everything you achieve. And as much as we try to ignore it, so much of leadership success comes back to communication.

The way you create connection or distance each day affects your ability to build relationships, increase discretionary effort, and develop influence.

"Excellent... This is one of the most powerful communications and influence products on the market."
Evan Berritt, Intel Corp
Strategy Program Manager

Change Simulation: Escape from Paradise Island

Their island is under threat from rising tides and limited food supplies and the islanders must make a choice. Do they stick it out on the island and hope for the best, seek out a similar island, or do they make a leap of faith and embark for an island with unfamiliar terrain and opportunities.

This engaging simulation teaches leaders the challenges of leaving the comfort zone and enlisting their people to embrace a new world. This 2-3 hour experience that can be taught independently or with additional Leading Change tools and skills. Can be used with groups from 10 to 50.

Presenting Under Pressure

If you present to exectutives or boards then you know what it means to have the heat turned up. This program gives you the framework, mindset, and skill to deliver to anyone. Participants receive video feedback and peer feedback.

Participants learn:

-You are the message, not your powerpoint.
-Strategies for addressing the logic and emotional brain
-4 ways to focus a presentation
-7 tools for embracing the head, hearts, eyes, and hands
-Simple and fast ways to structure ideas
-Performance psychology principles for remaining cool under pressure

Instructed as a half day, one day, and two day program.

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