Urgently Pursue Clarity

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I continually hear from people in organizations that they wish their mgt team was more clear about direction. This is an issue at all levels. Many managers think they have done it, while others think they shouldn’t have to be bothered.

Last week as Rick Newman of Salesforce and I were discussing this challenge, he shared wisdom from his dad who was a leader in companies for many years:

“Urgently Pursue Clarity”

That simple phrase summarizes the bulk of what leaders must do to increase success. Urgently–this needs to be done now. Pursue–it is a goal that must be intentionally acted on. Clarity–make it easier to see.

If you are like most leaders, you will think that you have clarified enough. However, I can guarantee you that in 99.99% of the cases your people need more clarity. People can do more with less burden when they have clarity.

Action 1: How can you urgently clarify where your team needs to go, why they need to go there, and what they need to deliver. Now is the time. Your people will really appreciate you. And your results will increase.

Action 2: Please share ways you are clarifying for your people!!

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