"Organizations change...
As leaders transform themselves."
Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings

Two stories are competing for the future...
Leaders decide which story wins.
"Powerpoints don't sell change...
Leaders sell change"
Dave Jennings
Dave Jennings
"The person you become as a leader...
Is as important as what you achieve."
Dave Jennings
"You create the future you make time for."


Whether you need to create strategy, introduce a change, improve team performance, or deal with the “sticky” issues, Dave works with you to get results. When you are looking for an advisor to your team, one-on-one coaching, or a powerful retreat, Dave helps you achieve your goals. His deep experience combined with his causal and conversational style sets people at ease to work on big issues.

“Dave is someone I rely on to guide me and my organization through change.”
Bernie Tobin, President, Crescendo Bioscience

“The retreat was awesome. It really helped us take the next step.”
Gunn Robison, Microsoft, Vice President Global Marketing

Trusted Advisor

As an executive, you and your teams are crunched for time. You want everyone to work together but getting the team facing the same direction is tough. Competing priorities and limited communications make it challenging. Whether you are working with your Board or your executive team, Dave works with you to create alignment, improve communications, get buy-in, implement change, and deliver results. To provide the needed focus, Dave only works with 2-3 leadership teams per year at this level.

Focus areas include:

-Improve a high-performing team
-Implement system-wide change
-Develop executive leadership dashboard
-Transition from strategy to execution
-Deal with “sticky” or difficult issues
-Improve meeting effectiveness and decision making
-Provide coaching across the team
-Increase confidence and influence

One-on-One Coaching

You face decisions and situations everyday that you have never seen before. That's just part of the job. To accelerate, you need more options, feedback, and tools to help you succeed in your current role and grow toward your next challenge. Dave provides the coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Coaching typically involves weekly phone discussions with specific goals in mind. You receive frameworks, insights, and tools to help you solve short and long-term issues. You will have assignments specific for your situation. It is typical In the first month that you will see measurable improvements in your results.

Powerful Retreats

Pulling away from the daily demands gives you a chance to think rather than react. However, using this time away can be challenging. Competing agendas, egos, and big talkers can limit results.

Dave designs retreats that focus on outcomes that can be implemented on the job. He is a master of "herding cats" and keeps conversations on track and productive. Once decisions are made, Dave works with you to create an implementation plan.

Let's talk about your situation. Call or email now.

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