What building block are you missing

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3 of 4 on your changeable brain…Ever wondered why you are not gaining a skill and it just seems overwhelming or impossible to learn? You are not alone, and fortunately there is a clear path forward. Here is an idea to help you rewire your brain:

In the 1960s, researchers were interested in understanding whether kids who were getting lower grades were merely incapable or if something else was at play. The researchers found that when the learning approach changed, the children’s performance improved.

What they found was that kids were missing a building block essential to succeeding at the new skill. When they got the building block specific to their need, they got an A grade. Rather than a select few having an A, the majority got an A.

If you’re not getting something at work, in your hobby, or at home, it does not mean you are incapable. It means you need to find the next building block. Your brain will learn faster when you focus on the small building block you need. Whether its influencing, building strategy, or running impactful meetings, they each have building blocks and you can master them and navigate your pit of success.

Adapted from “The Pit of Success: How Leaders Adapt, Succeed, and Repeat” Dave Jennings and Amy Leishman February 2021


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Dave Jennings accelerates meaningful change. He has worked with leaders from 20 of the Fortune 500 and spoken in 23 countries. His articles and commentary have been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, and thestreet.com. He is author of Catapulted: How Great Leaders Succeed Beyond their Experience. Contact Dave at dave@davejennings.com.